Start & Grow a Million Dollar Virtual Health Business
Discover what's possible for your future with the most cutting edge business and health science solutions. We help leading doctors to not just earn more money through our simple frameworks to go virtual but to also get better results with their clients through uncovering clinical protocols developed by America's leading scientists and doctors.
Tired of trading time for dollars? Frustrated with insurance, paperwork and being caught in “The System”? I’ve been in your shoes…  
After a few years of being in practice, I loved serving patients, but I couldn’t see myself working these long hours for the impact and income I was making.

I was bogged down in paperwork and trading time for dollars. I didn’t have the freedom to travel or take time off without taking a significant financial hit.

I didn’t feel like this was a recipe for “getting ahead” and creating the type of lifestyle that I wanted. A lifestyle that allowed me to earn money from a remote office, and leverage the internet to drive residual income. 

I needed an upgrade in THINKING and SYSTEMS to break 7 figures and transform my business.
I started thinking... "What if I could use the internet to positively impact people around the world? What if I could create scalable streams of residual income that would help me break through the 7-figure range?"

One of my mentors told me two things that changed the game for me:  
"Isaac, if you don’t create the future that you want, then you will end up creating the vision that someone else has for their future. You don’t need to have all the answers. Just pursue your vision and the answers will come.”

In 2009 I envisioned running a virtual practice selling “high-ticket” one-on-one health consulting programs. I envisioned creating digital online programs and “one-to-many” online programs that could transform the health of people that go through them without having to invest much of my own time. 

I was starting to think “smart”. 
It wasn’t easy. I wish I had an “evolved version of myself” that I could have learned from… But I began pioneering the virtual practice and online authority marketing.

9 years later I...
 Successfully broke past the 7 figure range (I’m currently in a private Mastermind of internet marketers all scaling over 8-figures).
 Had the time to invest into executing other ideas I’ve had (such as serving doctors and health professionals in events and masterminds).
 Built my dream house and bought my dream car.
BUT I made a lot of mistakes along the way, wasting time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because of my success, word started to spread amongst the leaders in the health space.
Soon enough doctors were reaching out to me asking for coaching and training. The SECOND person that asked to “mastermind” with me was one of my best friends Josh Axe.

When I moved back to Atlanta in 2013, I told him about the success I was having online. He asked, “Can I fly to Atlanta to spend some time with you?”
I said, “Of course! Anything to help out, brother.”

Fast-forward to today, Josh and I have done 7 figures in ONE WEEK online. I’ve build the world's largest online health consulting business and he now has the #1 online health brand worth over $300 million dollars.
Now he’s the one that’s often adding value to my mastermind and team!
Your host, Dr Isaac Jones
Founder of EPIC Mastermind & Health Experts Alliance
Billionaire and founder of and, Jeff Arnold has coined him the "Doctor of the Future".

After working in one of the largest health centers in the world in 2009, Dr. Jones began the journey of pioneering virtual healthcare. He has since built and scaled the worlds largest virtual practice getting better results virtually then most doctors get in their offices.

After investing over $250,000 into testing, learning and biohacking his own health, he's become known as one of America's top high performance and human potential health experts. He works with Hollywood celebrities, Saudi Royal Family, silicon valley executives along with the worlds leading entrepreneurs.

Because of his early success pioneering this space, doctors have demanded he start coaching and training them. In the last 10 years, he's supported the growth of brands like,, and

Dr. Jones is now teaming up with Evan Tardy (the business genius behind's growth from $50-$300M in 3 years) to lead the top 1% of doctors to go virtual for Global Health Transformation.
Start creating more freedom and more impact
Have you been to events where they give you “some of the good stuff” but not “all”? This is not that. This event is for you to experience rapid growth and transformation. No fluff. No overwhelm. Just results oriented training for your brighter future.
At this event we are going to go deeper than we’ve gone in the past for practical and immediate results. Copy & paste success business templates that we used in our businesses to spur us to 7 and 8-figure success.
The people we attract to our events are mostly successful, humble and brilliant. Over 40% of the attendees have health businesses in the 7 figure. So it’s powerful to tap into the group genius of the room. You will meet people you may be friends for life with.
You won’t hear from anyone that is talking in “theory”. These reproducible systems have built some of the largest online health practices and brands in the world. You will learn from and meet these doctors at this event. They work less, make more, and live in dream locations because their virtual practice allows them to. We aim to create more impact, income and freedom through what we will uncover at this event. You may have money, but do you have the impact and freedom we have? 
NOTE: Many people choose to have a hybrid of virtual and brick and mortar business. If that’s you, what you learn around virtual will only help you to build your brick and mortar.
See how this event can transform your practice and life

Dr Lori Taeger Serra

I felt I had major breakthroughs at this event. Being around like-minded people who are world changers and want to make a difference. We encourage each other and hear others challenges in a safe place.

Dr Todd Watts

Dr. Jay and I launched a online summit at the same time we launched a supplement company. The supplement company has skyrocketed. What an amazing ride!

Evan Hirsch, MD

I've always wanted to find a community of doctors that thought outside of the box. After going to Health Experts Alliance I now have a robust online presence and business thanks to what I've learned!

Maggie Berghoff

Dr. Isaac Jones definitely knows his stuff. Not only is he the most caring and positive person, but he goes above and beyond to help you excel! If you're thinking about developing an online presence and brand, [Dr. Jones] will give you the inspiration and step-by-step guidance to do so!
Our Guarantee - 150% money back
We will not waste your precious time, money and energy.
If after the first day of the event you don’t see how you could double your income and quality of life in the next 12 months, then we will give you 150% of your money back, with the extra 50% to cover any travel expenses that you may have incurred.
Create more freedom in your life, more income in your business & impact more people all over the world.
  • All access pass for this 3-day event
  • Day 1: Foundations and virtual practice framework
  • Day 2: Online systems for rapid business growth
  • Day 3: Integration and implementation  
  • Access to the Health Experts Alliance private party on Friday night
  • Bring an additional team member with you for only $147
  • All access pass to this 3-day event
  • Express Registration
  • Seating in the exclusive front row VIP section.
  • Day 1: Foundations and virtual practice framework
  • Day 2: Online systems for rapid business growth
  • Day 3: Integration and implementation
  • VIP: Additional workshop on the 30th of April
  • VIP: Exclusive catered lunch on Friday, Saturday & Sunday with speakers in private room (healthy, organic & delicious food)
  • VIP: Exclusive VIP catered dinner at the hotel with speakers & Dr Jones
  • VIP: Thursday night cocktail party with speakers and other thought leaders and multi-million dollar health business owners and influencers in the health space
  • VIP: Gifts and training materials
  • VIP: First chance to apply for future growth opportunities.
  • You can bring a VIP team member with you for only $497
DATES: May 1st to 3rd in stunning Atlanta, Georgia
Please note, there is an additional training session on finding your avatar on the evening of 30th April.
VENUE: Grand Hyatt Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia
The closest airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We recommend you to fly in on Thursday afternoon/evening. You can get access to our special hotel pricing by clicking here.

Dr. Isaac Jones Founder of EPIC Mastermind & Health Experts Alliance

The founder of EPIC Mastermind and Health Experts Alliance, the environment that is producing the fastest growth of million dollar health businesses in America.

Evan Tardy, Former President & CEO of

Evan helped build from the kitchen table to 5X yearly revenue growth. He was the business mind behind the rapid growth of the company from $50 to $50M+ in annual revenue, which landed them on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America two years in a row.

Karen Wojciechowski, Managing Director Freedom Mastermind

As a non-doctors Karen has travelled to over 22 different countries while growing her successful virtual practice and online brand. She’s also the co-leader of FREEDOM mastermind.

Dr. Todd Watts

Dr. Todd A. Watts is known as the "Parasite Guy", but he also has extensive knowledge in Functional Blood Chemistry, Biochemistry, He was the first to bring Mimosa Pudica seed to the general health market in the US. He has an amazing health journey which has led him to be able to help others.  

Elena Zuban

One of the worlds leading Facebook experts, Elena out performs the top online marketers in America and creates the highest ROI campaigns.

Dr. Olivia Joseph

Owner of a thriving 7 figure practice, Dr. Olivia has conducted over 250 educational workshops to schools, churches and businesses on the topic of “Great, Yummy & Healthy Nutrition.”

Dr. Chris Zaino

Dr. Zaino is a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, and HERO. After winning Mr. America in 1998, and being a leader in the fitness industry, he found himself defying a deadly disease in his late 20's. Dr. Zaino leveraged his experience to establish one of the largest health and wellness clinics in the world, seeing thousands of patients per week (yes, per week)

Dr. Ellena Villanueva

Dr. Ellena is a remarkable example of the power of HEA. She had a successful 7 figure brick and mortar practice before turning the entire business virtual in 1 month! 

Dr. Jay Davidson

A two-time #1 international best-selling author. Dr. Jay is the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit and Parasite Summit, which had over 50,000+ participants.
How much is a successful virtual business worth to you?
$10,000? $15,000? $50,000? More...
How much would you pay to get assets that drive residual income every month... Every week... Every day?
How much is 1 high end client worth to you?
$2,000? $5,000? $10,000? More...
How much would you pay to get 1 high ticket client per month... Per week... Per day?
My team and I look forward to hosting you at 2018’s Health Experts Alliance Event where your life will never be the same again!
Dr. Isaac Jones and HEA team
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