We Help Doctors Create 7-figure Virtual Practices
More Time - More Income - More Impact
Leverage your health expertise so you can finally enjoy the fruits of your business.
Proven systems for creating, marketing and scaling a virtual health practice Our proven process eliminates the guesswork and provides turn-by-turn navigation for you to create a highly profitable, virtual practice.
Exclusive community of high-performance health experts Our community is made up of doctors and health experts who are committed to personal growth, virtual business growth, and supporting each other along the way.
Elite coaching to ensure your success in implementing our systems Our coaching programs are designed to do one thing: get you results in creating a profitable virtual practice. Our team is absolutely committed to your success and to helping you create more time, money and impact.
Experience Freedom in Your Practice
Leverage your health expertise to create life on your terms -- so you can...
  • Enjoy travel
  • ​Grow relationships
  • ​Actually spend time on hobbies
  • ​Increase your own health at a new level that you never imagined possible before
This isn’t theory from a class room, this is the actual processes and systems that Dr. Jones used to create his 7-figure virtual practice.
Our Mission:
Liberate The Doctor of the Future
Health Experts Alliance was started by two health entrepreneurs who have been there and done it.
Isaac Jones, CVO
Co-Founder, Health Experts Alliance
Dr. Jones has built a 7-figure, virtual practice that gave him the lifestyle of his dreams. He chose to not have a physical office with 100% virtual clients, zero full-time employees, and only work with clients 2 days per week. By going virtual and reducing his overhead, he dramatically improved his profits. This gave him the cash flow and freedom to travel the world with his family, enjoy hobbies like basketball and volunteering, and ultimately create a bigger impact with his clients.
Evan Tardy, CEO
Co-Founder, Health Experts Alliance
Evan was employee #1 at DrAxe.com. He’s been called “The Visionary Whisperer” for his ability to turn an epic vision into reality. He built and led the entire Dr. Axe organization from no revenue and no employees to over 150 employees, with revenue exceeding $90M. He cut his teeth in marketing by growing a 2M+ email list, over 6M social media subscribers, and SEO traffic reaching 20M per month. As the President, Evan landed the company on the INC. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list two years in a row, leading to a company valuation of $320M.
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